Lemon Balm for Anxiety

Lemon Balm is a plant that is native to Europe, but can grow anywhere in the world. It is part of the mint family, and has known medicinal properties relating to the nervous system and assists those that suffer from anxiety and related psychological imbalances. It is also known as Melissa officinalis, and has been used since the beginning of recorded time, and was discovered to be a strong nerve tonic in the Dark Ages. Lemon Balm is a soothing herb, and even has a nice lemony aroma, for those interested in aromatherapy. Many ancient cultures well-known for their medical practices have incorporated this herb into medicinal usages; Ayurvedic medical practitioners recommend this herb for its efficient anti-stress properties.

Lemon Balm can have a great cleansing effect on the body as well. It consists of natural ingredients called terpenes, and tannins which can produce anti-viral influences in the body. This can help sustain optimal health and maintain the proper chemical balance in the brain and throughout the body. The chemical eugenol controls muscles reactions and can relax the body to prevent muscles spasms from occurring. This herb is often accredited as being a mild sedative, and is known to mix well with other herbs to produce a complete rejuvenating feeling within the body.

This medicine is found in a variety of different methods, with different strengths. Lemon balm is found as the whole herb, in a tincture or solution, in capsule form, and is most recommended as a homeopathic remedy. Homeopathy is an ancient practice of introducing herbal extracts into the body to balance and regulate internal body functions. It is scientifically proven to be more effective than pharmaceutical drugs, by far!

Lemon balm calms and rejuvenates your body to bring you whole-body health. Doctors are beginning to recommend the use of this herbal substance for anxiety due to its reaction rate and its safety. Did you know that there are some herbal extracts that are actually contained in pharmaceutical drugs? Prescription drugs are mixed with synthetic chemicals which can contaminate the herb, and can combination can cause unwanted side effects in your body.

Commonly prescribed prescription drugs actually reduce your brains activity, which is responsible for the dizziness, sluggishness, and inattentiveness that are sometimes associated with pharmaceutical drugs. To avoid all of the psychological disturbances associated with drugs on the market, you should switch to a natural healing alternative.

Lemon balm is safe for everyone to use, no matter what age. The most appealing aspect of using this herbal remedy is that is does not have any side effects and does not cause unwanted alternate reactions to occur in other body parts. It helps to support optimal body conditions, beginning in the brain and spreading throughout the body. Every time the body sends and receives chemical messages, it causes a reaction to occur in the body. Depression, anxiety, and other related imbalances can cause health problems to occur if it persists, so treating your daily stressors when it starts is the best way to manage your anxiety levels.

The amount of lemon balm you may need to take to treat your symptoms of anxiety will vary depending on multiple factors. Everyone’s body is different, and no one react the same to medical therapies. The amount of this herb you need to take will vary on your bodies innate sensitivity to herbs. The rate of metabolization of your body also makes a big difference when you take this substance. However, one thing will always remain the same, when this herbal extract is introduced to your body, you will sense its effects instantaneously as it effects all of your body systems simultaneously. This herb mainly targets your nervous system, and is a great nerve tonic. If you suffer from anxiety and need help managing your health when under stress, this herbal remedy is perfect for you.

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